You gotta love the Internet. Without it, we'd never find photos like the one above of Jay Z, Common, and Lauryn Hill. We're not totally sure what year it's from but we think it's safe to say it's from the late '90s, back when we didn't have Facebook, Instagram, Vine and every other social media outlet to broadcast every waking moment. Nowadays, any rapper hangs out with another rapper in the studio and it's worth a photo shoot. And if any rapper looks bad for even one second, best believe the memes are coming out.

But it wasn't always like this. Back in the days photos were snapped and maybe they ended up in some magazines, but for the most part, images couldn't go viral in seconds like they do now. That's why we love Tumblr so much, it's filled with totally random, totally awesome photos of rappers that make us scratch our heads and say, "Where did they find that?" Like this photo of Dame Dash. No seriously, who took that photo? How did it end up on Tumblr? Who are those girls? And can we have their phone numbers? 

So, we went through all types of Tumblrs and other sites to bring you 50 Awesome Throwback Pictures of Rappers You've (Probably) Never Seen.

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