In part three of Pusha T's documentary series for his upcoming debut My Name Is My Name, the Virginian rapper spoke with Complex Magazine's own Noah Callahan-Bever about certain artists and styles he respects.

"[What's] interesting to me right now is that whole Chicago wave," Pusha says. "I find that to be probably the most authentic shit in music right now. It's great music, but it's sad. I think it's the last region of music and the last style of music that made me feel something in my conscious about it."

Pusha also shares some of his favorite artists in the game right now. "Rick Ross makes me want to write better," he says. "I believe Ross is one of the better writers of today. Ross paints that picture, it's a picture of lux[ury] and speaks to the heart of the guy who is on the corner. The dream of that guy."

Pusha T discusses the new age of authenticity in rap, which at times doesn't even include rapping, before naming another notable MC he respects that will be making an appearance on My Name Is My Name. "If I want lyrics, I'm going to listen to Kendrick [Lamar]," he says. "That boy is spittin', he's rapping."

Watch the full interview above.

[via MassAppeal]

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