Stacey White, AKA DJ Sliink doesn’t just make music you can dance you, it’s music you can’t reasonably stay still to. Hailing from Newark, Sliink is one of the most notable figures in the Jersey Club scene. The entire basis of the genre he came up on is made for movement, the more people bounce along, the more you know it’s really hitting the spot.

The young producer pairs what seems like an infinite arsenal of shuffling drum patterns with vocal samples put on loop. Often the vocals are taken from R&B and hip-hop songs, Sliink’s used everyone from RIhanna and Missy Elliott to Justin Timberlake and 2 Chainz. The songs are sped up to between 134-136 bpms, elevating a catchy pop-song like “Diamonds,” to the soundtrack that makes the people on a packed dance floor sweat through their tank tops.

Pepsi sat down with DJ Sliink to discuss a few risks he's faced throughout his career thus far. Check out here.