Date: July 2012

Prior to releasing Life Is Good, Nas was going through a lot of things in his life. His marriage with Kelis was over and he was concerned about losing touch with his daughter Destiny. So he stepped back from everything that was going on and recorded his tenth album, which featured him pondering the good things in life while spitting over beats provided by the likes of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Salaam Remi, and No I.D. It was some of his best work in years. Perhaps the most startling record on the whole album was "Daughters," in which Nas spoke with piercing honesty, addressing some of the real-life issues he faced as a father to a young girl who was growing up fast. It was a song that broke new ground lyrically, and demonstrated how a real man faces up to his issues instead of running from them.