Who does your daughter like listening to, in terms of rap?
My daughter is a Tupac fan and Black-Eyed Peas fan, she listens to Z-100. She says dad, ‘If you want to make something for the kids make it for Z100.’ She’s not current with what’s going on in the rap-scene right now.

Is she excited you’re working with will.i.am on the new album?
I’m the coolest dad in the world to her right now, she hung out in the studio with Will and all that.

She got to meet him?

That’s fly. One of the things that 50 has said was that when you guys were still close, one of the problems was when you played him “Ether,” and then he had told you it wasn’t it. Was there any truth do that?
I don’t remember playing him “Ether.” 50 was one of the ones that wanted to ride on the rock Whitney, but I didn’t see his story as a stand up guy story, I felt like he was a wild dude. He come in there and he had guns and he was talking about this nigga and that nigga, but the thing about his music was he was talking about niggas as if he was doing the stuff that they were doing and he was putting himself in a lot of situations.


50 was one of my soldiers at the time so of course, he was ready to ride [against the Roc] and I give that to him because the other ni**as were shaking in their boots.


He made songs about different murders that we knew about in Queens that never came out. I know he probably got them when I was talking about, “Supreme King/Jamaica, Queens thing, Uptown was Alpo.” Nobody was talking about the streets like that in records before ever. Unless they were apart of that time.

So that would kinda open that shit up to say, “Fuck rap is real, watch these herbs stand still never talking to lames cause words of man kill.” So the words he saying he’s put out there about people that have been killed, you have to be careful with that so if anything I don’t think he heard me, but maybe I’m wrong, but how wrong was him for saying that wasn’t it.

Did it bother you at all that he had named his mixtape the same as your album?
Could you explain to me what that meant? I really don’t know I’m honestly asking myself, “Am I in tune with what’s going on these days? When I hear these songs, I don’t hear it or I don’t get it and that’s no different.” I don’t know was that good or bad?

It was just seems like he just did it to be petty, like “I’m just going to put out a mixtape that a lot of people hear before this dude puts out his album,” just to be petty just to have that same title.
Yeah that’s the first thing I thought. But he didn’t say anything about me on it. Did he? I don’t know. I thought it was cool. I’ve always been the one that kinda leads the race. Whether they say it or not. “I hate Nas” and all this shit is cute, but I really know that they paying attention, I guess that’s what it said.

At the time with the old-beef, 50 was actually coming to you being, ‘Yo let’s go after Roc’?
Yeah I mean he was one of my soldiers at the time so of course, he was ready to ride and I give that to him because the other niggas were shaking in their boots.

When you say the others who are you referring to?
Niggas around me niggas that rather make a diss song about me than about a nigga that’s against me. One of the niggas that, rather than go after other niggas that’s going against me and that right there is, whoa, scary. He was one of the dudes that was like, “Yeah let’s get it on,” he’s a cool nigga for that.

It seems like for someone who is from Queensbridge and reps it really hard, it seems like a lot of people around you, like QB dudes, eventually end up going against you, having words. Why do you think that is?
I grew up around savage goons and mobsters. That’s the Queensbridge shit, these niggas be my loved ones, you feel me? Me and a lot of these dudes is cool, but you know they have their issues with niggas getting their hair.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s the goonish mentality. It is what is it, we still get together, when we see each other we back each other up niggas squash a lot of shit. Niggas know how I move. When you a nigga like me, never got robbed, never got played, never got this, never got that being from Queensbridge; so many people went through some shit out there.


Hip-hop is dead, just get your money. You look at these ni**as that really love hip-hop, they’re broke or they’re a frustrated artist, and that’s not putting them down. We all been broke we’ve all been frustrated artists and it’s cause we love this so much. So I’m just pissed off with hip-hop.


I know about a lot of rappers that can’t go to their town. This or that, shit like that happens. So they don’t know what they talking about. But that’s never happened to me. I’ve always had such a low profile that when people say things, I’ll hear about it a month later and I’m like, “Damn should I clear that up?” but I don't really feel the need to because by then niggas are trying to apologize and just move on. It’s just nigga’s shit and niggas will be niggas and that’s who we are for life, fuck it.

Since you’re talking about that hip-hop is dead, how long do you plan to do it?
Oh, hip-hop is dead. I’m just going to do whatever I want to do now, until it starts coming back or until I feel like not fucking with it. Shit is dead, just get money. We love it forever so we’re always going to hold on to it and make these albums, but at the same time this shit ain't what it was. I don’t even know what it is. This shit is too big for me to understand, I need somebody to explain this shit.

Hip-hop is dead just get your fucking money. You look at these niggas that really love hip-hop, they’re broke or they’re a frustrated artist, and that’s not putting them down. We all been broke we’ve all been frustrated artists and it’s cause we love this shit so much. So I’m just pissed off with hip-hop, I’m mad at it right now. I been mad at it for years, so this is just the album that expresses it and the next album I’m sure I’ll love it again. [Laughs.]

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