Label: Maybach Music/Warner Bros.
Saving grace: "Dreams and Nightmares"
Clunker: "Young & Gettin' It" f/ Kirko Bangz

Before Meek Mill's debut album Dreams and Nightmares came out, he had already showed off a personality that directly translated to the music he made. He was a hard kid with an undeniable edge, which to his off-the-walls, high energy, street ready music. But Dreams and Nightmares was disappointing because it didn't feature that Meek Mill as much as his previous work did.

With a few exceptions, like the album's intro or "Believe It," the music is forgettable and more importantly not what we had come to love from the Philly MC. His preceding mixtape Dreamchasers 2 was full of songs like "The Ride," "Flexing," and soon to be banger "Burn" that showcased what Meek does best. On the album that sound was replaced with songs like "Maybach Curtains," "Who You're Around," and "Young & Gettin' It" which are good but could be made by anybody and don't bring the edge that makes Meek so great.Max Goldberg