A few months back Atlanta group Migos confirmed that Drake would appear in the music video for their unexpected street hit "Versace."

While Drake isn't in this new behind the scenes clip, it's still full of goodies that will make you anticipate the music video even more. For one, video director Gabriel Hart, aka "Video God" ("That's what the streets call me") shares with us a proclamation that he seems very determined with. "The revolution is not going to be televised, baby, it's going to be uploaded," he declares. We're not exactly sure what that means, but we like the possibilities. 

We also find Migos stuntin' in their Versace wear at the video shoot, which that takes place at a mansion. Afterward we're blessed with a bunch of fit white girls wearing all white.

As a follow up, we reached out to the streets concerning Hart's claim about being the "Video God," and they declined to comment.

[via Revolt]

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