If you can recall, M.I.A. performed at the Super Bowl in 2012 with Madonna and Nicki Minaj. At the halftime show, she expressed herself phalangically (by exposing her middle finger) to the millions watching. Long story short: some people got offended and the NFL is suing her.

She's taken the time to explain her position on the ordeal in video form (shout-out to all amateur iMovie users). She seems less indignant than annoyed, and probably she just wants it to be over now: “The NFL thing is completely ridiculous. It’s been making me laugh for a while, but now it’s so boring, I don’t even laugh anymore." Her main point, though, revolves around this idea that people may have been more mad at the sexuality represented in the show than the use of the middle finger itself—and that her and her finger have been scapegoated for the whole controversy surrounding the performance.

At the very least, if M.I.A. was a rapper, she could rap about having the most notorious and expensive (the lawsuit is for $1.5 million) middle finger in the game right now—over a year after its last appearance.

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