Metro Boomin releases a new track from his upcoming mixtape 19 & Boomin today featuring Gucci Mane, and it's an interesting lyrical performance from Guwop to say the least.

For starters, Gucci shouts out Young Scooter before rapping, "That nigga Flocka will never fall off," referring to his friendship and affiliation with Waka Flocka Flame. That relationship has since strained after a Twitter war of words that ended with Gucci deleting his account (R.I.P.).

Gucci also describes the mental state of a man in his position. "Gucci Mane, I'm fucking nervous/This shit done turned me to another person," he raps before talking about the ups and downs of his life. While this track was likely made months ago, it's a curious window into the mad mind of Gucci Mane. 

"Up & Down" will be included on Metro Boomin's mixtape 19 & Boomin, which is coming soon.

[via XclusivesZone]

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