Kanye West and Charlie Wilson have a been on a remarkable run these past few weeks performing "Bound 2" everywhere from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to Later... with Jools Holland in the UK. According to Wilson, they're already planning on taking that chemistry back into the studio soon.

In an interview with MTV, Charlie Wilson revealed West will be producing on his upcoming album. "Kanye and myself, we started already — Kanye is starting on a new record for me," Wilson says. "Kanye is one of the greatest rapper/producers that we have. He's a little controversial, yeah, but he's still a genius at that in the studio."

Wilson has worked on a handful of West albums in the past, including My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as well as Yeezus with "Bound 2." The 60-year-old singer also stated he we will likely work with Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake on his new project. Wilson, Williams and Timberlake all worked together on Snoop Dogg's 2005 hit single "Signs."

[via MTV]

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