It's funny to think about the process of naming a song. You want the title to express what the song's about, certainly. Clarity is king. And you want it to something that's easy-to-remember, especially if you're hoping for a hit. All too often we overthink ourselves away from the first, best idea we've come up with. So we're wary of that. Keep it simple, stupid, someone smart once said.

But that leads to a problem. There have been so many songs recorded already. So many titles have already been used. There are only so many subjects to make songs about, how important is originality in this regard? 

Not so very important, it seems. Lots of artists choose titles for their songs that have been used lots of times before. One of the bigger hits of the summer is a good example. The Scottish electronica producer Calvin Harris (who named his first album the cheeky, nothing-if-not-original, I Created Disco in 2007) has been a fixture in clubs and on the radio for months with his dancey thumper, "I Need Your Love," which features the vocal stylings of Ellie Goulding. 

There have of course been many songs with that very same title, or one very much like it, in clubs and on the radio throughout pop music history. We decided to do a comparison. How does this new, familiarly-named song stack up? Welcome, on this sunny Sunday, to Battle Of The Songs With The Same Title: "I Need Your Love."

Written by Foster Kamer (@weareyourfek) and Dave Bry (@davebry9)

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