Over one year ago, G. Dep was sentenced to prison for 15 years to life for second degree murder. The former Bad Boy signee had confessed to authorities and turned himself in regarding an incident that took place 20 years ago. G. Dep, whose real name is Trevell Coleman had shot the man, John Henkel, in a botched robbery, and would have never been apprehended had he not confessed all those years later.

Last night, Coleman spoke with ABC's Nightline in a jailhouse interview. When asked about whether he regretted turning himself in for the killing, he said that he did not regret it, saying "That was the only way I could have been absolved."

Nightline also spoke with Coleman's ex-wife, Crystal Sutton, who says that she wants to support him throughout his current ordeal. Most interesting, however, was the interview with Jim Nelson, the editor-in-chief of GQ Magazine who happened to serve as jury foreman for Coleman's murder trial. Nelson says that the trial continues to haunt him.

"You have to concede that that man probably lived in a jail in his house in his head for 18 years," he said. "I think the guy got a bad shake. I think he did something honorable and society punished him for it." However, Nelson also added that the jury had to keep in mind that for the Henkel's family and friends, the case had a different meaning and that Coleman was ultimately guilty of the crime which he had confessed to committing.

[via ABC News]

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