Fans of the Odd Future movement have been salivating over a potential EarlWolf project between group leader Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt. The two have been performing together as EarlWolf at several festival stops and also across Europe during Eminem's tour through the continent. However, up to this point, an EarlWolf project is really nothing more than a pipe dream for fans.

During an interview with NME magazine, Earl was asked about the possibility of an EarlWolf album. Earl said, "We'll do the record when we're ready to sit down for a month and a half and do it in one. It'd be shitty if it was spread out." Earl certainly seems open to the idea of putting an album together with Tyler, but does not confirm a project in the works.

But while Earl is looking for a condensed time frame for a collaboration album, his most recent body of work, Doris, took over one year to come to fruition. According to Earl, he wasn't particularly a fan of this extended process. "That's what I learned from doing Doris," Earl said. "Trying to piece shit together that's hella spread out kinda sucks. You hit a lot more walls trying to make it sync." Despite this comment, Earl does not come out and say anything negative about Doris itself. On the contrary, he embraces the body of work because he feels that it shows progression in his music.

As for what's next for both Earl and Tyler, who released Wolf earlier this year, that remains somewhat ambiguous. Earl has talked about working on a third album in the past, which he has tentatively titled Gnossus.

[via NME]

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