Written by: Shia Labeouf

Directed by: Michael Bay

Starring: Aubrey Graham, Peter Sarsgaard, Angelina Jolie

US Box Office Gross: $542,047,465

Rotten Tomatoes: 43%

Plot: A rookie (Aubrey Graham) and veteran cop (Peter Sarsgaard) work together—despite their vast differences and the disapproval of their commissioner (Angelina Jolie)—to topple a prostitution ring in Los Angeles in this ultra-mega-super blockbuster.

Trivia: Much to the disdain of his similarly brooding fan base Graham stars in his first major blockbuster summer film. Vanity Fair, pens an extensive profile on Graham in their annual Hollywood issue, an outstanding achievement for actors in Hollywood. “I knew what I was doing. It’s not going to be a recurring thing, you know, these big budget films. I’m still the same guy who wants to dig from within and find some substance in a role. I still want to be a vessel—to share the world’s pain as best I can through acting,” Graham says, stroking his cliche actor-in-between-roles-beard. He stares contemplatively out of his opulent gazebo at the orange hue in the sky as the day turns to dusk. He takes a sip from his glass of white wine begins to chuckle. “Honestly, I just wanted to make some money. Right now, I’m 26. sitting on 26 mil.”

Noteworthy Awards: MTV Movie Awards Movie of the Year