The final Mad Decent Block Parties for 2013 go down this weekend in California, and Mad Decent linked up with PizzaSlime for a special t-shirt/tattoo pack that will be paired with this very mixtape. DJ Hoodboi took it into the Jersey club territory which, if you know even a little bit about DAD, you'll know that we're all over this one. Cuts from DJ Sliink, Trippy Turtle, and others make this one a special, not-to-be-missed mix. If you're at the LA party today, head to the merch tent early, as these packs are sure to sell out fast.


1) E-40 - Hood Boy (DJ Hoodboi Intro Edit)
2) I Get Lonely (DJ Hoodboi Remix)
3) DJ Hoodboi & Fuzz - Untitled
4) Who Booty (DJ Tray Remix)
5) Mack Blajik - Feelin U
6) Anytime (Taste Tester Remix)
7) Arnold & Sweater Beats - Jello Drip
8) Sinjin Hawke & DJ Sliink - Gas Pump
9) Masuka - Whatadime
10) Stwo - Try To Resist
11) Freeze (Dj Sliink Edit) [DJ Jayhood Remix]
12) Making Good Love (Mike Gip Remix)
13) I'm A Flirt (Hemsworth Bootleg)
14) Damn Those Jeans (Trippy Turtle Remix)
15) DJ Tray - Nobody's Perfect
16) Mi2816ion (FS Green's Jersey Mix)
17) Blow Ya Back Out ft. Ciara (DJ Hoodboi Remix)
18) Surrender (Reprise) (DJ Hoodboi Remix)
19) Tell Me (C.Z. & Lil Texas Remix)
20) Dru Hill - Tell Me