Chicago is a music factory right now, do you guys work with anyone coming up out of Chicago right now?
We are definitely totally into the Chicago culture right now. We have been engaging and reaching back to up-and-coming artists.

Kos: Lil Herb is the latest guy we worked with. We worked with him, NO I.D., and Mickey Halsted.

Tuo: I always call my little cousin and ask her what’s hot in the streets in Chicago. So then we get on the phone and go through YouTube seeing what’s hot in Chicago while I'm in the studio in L.A.. I’ve been loving Katie Got Bandz for a minute.

Have you gotten the chance to work with any other legends?
We actually got to work with Timbaland for something on our new artist’s KAPTN’s project. We were with our mixing engineer Jason Joshua and this is when nobody knew that Timbaland was working on Justin Timberlake’s album, it was a secret. I had my eyes closed trying to tell Jason what to do to the record and I was listening so intently. Then, I heard a voice that said, "Oh, so he’s an alien like me." And I opened my eyes and looked at him and I think he took my look as a look of disrespect so he immediately apologized.

He said, "Sorry, not trying to mess up your mix session or anything, but I can always tell by how people talk if they really know what they are talking about. And by how you talk I can hear that you are an alien like me." I looked at him like, "Fuck my session!" From that moment we hit it off. He then played us Justin’s whole album right there on the spot.

Then we played him some of our beats. He was familiar but not super familiar, and then so we showed him KAPTN and told us we were trying to get him a deal in a second. He was said, "Y’all ain’t leaving me off of that." He went and played us beats for KAPTN. It happened right there and it was just so amazing. We never thought we would meet Timbaland like that. He’s got a song on KAPTN’s project called “God Bless You” and it’s incredible.


I always call my little cousin and ask her what’s hot in the streets in Chicago. So then we get on the phone and go through YouTube seeing what’s hot in Chicago while I'm in the studio in L.A.. I’ve been loving Katie Got Bandz for a minute. - Tou


You guys have worked with Miley Cyrus, what’s your relationship with her?
Working with Miley, first off, was crazy because we started her project. Our management came to us saying, "Miley is done trying to be a Disney girl, she ready to turn up. 'A$$' is her favorite song and she wants you to come to her house and meet her. It’s time to turn up." We went to her crib, and she literally greeted us by saying, "Awww whatup! I love y’all, oh my God oh my God oh my God." And we said, “What the fuck?" She was just so cool, it was unreal.

The thing about it is, I somewhat regret how we went about working with her. We were still trying to maintain a little bit of "old Miley" and turn her up just a little bit, but we had no idea she really just wanted to twerk! She was really trying to go all the way there. So for us to be on the beginning of the project, it was incredible working with her. Our song is going to go towards something but it isn’t on the new album coming out, it’s going to be on something else.

You guys built a relationship with her, right? Is that relationship still ongoing?
For sure. When I got Jay-Z’s new album, I instantly texted her saying, "Twerk Miley twerk!" She responded back crazy with a bunch of hearts, she was so excited. That’s 1000% the homie. I’m excited for her new album and I'm excited for when we go back in to take that to a new level.

The thing about Miley is that she had to make that big transition and that transition is always kind of tricky. It was just cool to be a part of helping her find where she is at with it now. She’s the homie man, how can you not love Miley Cyrus right now?

I agree, but some people don’t. She’s catching a lot of hate for the VMA performance. What would you say to the people that are being super critical of her to defend her because you guys are obviously pretty tight.
Kos: My thing is that the people hating have no idea. It’s same thing people did to Michael Jackson. These kids grow up in entertainment and they’re under a microscope their whole lives.

Music and performances are expressions, so how can you mistake how you feel? That’s how she felt at that moment. That’s what we're doing everyday that we go to the studios and make songs, we’re saying how we feel. So you might not have loved how we felt in that moment, but does that mean it was a mistake? That’s how she felt in that moment. 

It might not appease you the way you want, but what do you want her to do? This world would be so boring if we all felt the same all the time. At the end of the day, look at the moments where she speaks from her heart, she’s a great person. She’s got great energy so fuck them.

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