Remember when album covers were a really important part of rappers' albums? Now that most people steal or buy their music online, albums covers can go overlooked. Or at the very least, they live mostly as .jpg files rather than as a piece of art you can hold in your hand and admire. Back in the day, album covers were the first thing that people saw when they picked up an album at their local record store. So rappers routinely pushed boundaries and got creative on their album covers in order to try and generate sales. 

Some of them went all out when it came to creating album covers, resulting in a bunch of scandalous rap album covers that got people talking more about the album covers themselves than the actual albums. Some were overtly sexual and some were hyper-violent, but they all were over the top. So as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of one such album this year—Ice-T’s Power, which dropped September 1988—we decided to take a look back at The Most Scandalous Rap Album Covers of All Time. Shocking, aren’t they?

Written by Chris Yuscavage (@ChrisYuscavage)

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