Production duo Christian Rich just released a new song called "Supaman." The track changes several times, featuring a funky synth loop and some light xylophone sounds. Meanwhile, the duo recruits RZA to rap over the instrumental. The Wu-Tang leader is in vintage form with his verse, with his offkilter gravely delivery setting up a stream-of-conscious narrative to perfection.

Much like his contribution to Earl Sweatshirt's "Molasses," RZA's verse includes vulgar and descript lines. One such example comes when RZA says, "The crew consists of lifers/Three time strikers/Niggas spend weekend vacations in Rikers/My bitches they can fuck for forty bikers/Skateboarders and hikers."

"Molasses" is worth mentioning because the track was produced by Christian Rich, with co-production from RZA. It looks like that song was foreshadowing for this one, and perhaps more collaborations to come.

[via 2DopeBoyz]

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