Being a DJ can be a taxing job. Back when we broke down ways being a DJ can suck, one issue we discussed was getting requests. While it makes sense that a club should hire DJs that will play the music that will cater to whatever demographic they're trying to reach, it's another thing to demand a DJ plays certain tracks (or styles!) because you want them to. Part of that is why we weren't necessarily mad at Calvin Harris for going off at LIV recently; it's one thing to think he's a sellout, but you have to expect that a guy you'd consider a sellout would play the music that got him to that place during his set at one of the most frequented clubs in the nation. We also recently saw that Starkey got asked to play a portion of a BBC mix from Feed Me... during his DJ set. We're hoping that was a snide comment, and not a serious request, because that's not only awkward, but it's pretty damn rude.

We wanted to have a little fun with this phenomenon of the DJ request, so we decided to collect some of our favorite awkward notes that DJs have been passed to DJs over the years. These guys are just trying to do their job; if you don't like what they're doing... leave! Or drop a hilariously awkward note. Whatever works!