As we're sure you've heard, Detroit recently went bankrupt. Once dubbed the "Paris of the Midwest," nowadays the D is more known for urban decay than charm. Even Detroit's sports teams are bound to get you down, aside from the Red Wings—but that's hockey. The Tigers have appeared in 2 of the last 7 World Series but went a combined 1 – 8, the Lions have had one winning season since The Marshall Mathers LP dropped, and the Pistons haven't been a factor since Em stepped back on the scene in 2009.

Eminem is synonymous with Detroit and his appearance in the 2011 Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler/Detroit was powerful and moving. He still lives in Detroit and could be the face needed to help turn the city's fortune around. He's also hella rich and unlike most rappers didn't waste his money on diamond chains and expensive cars, so maybe he can buy the city on discount?