We've not only told you that Young Smoke is a footwork artist you need to be up on, but that he's also one of the best producers that can't cop booze in the US. He's been releasing a project roughly about once a month via his Bandcamp page, but we know how you lot like to sleep. Why not go ahead and drop a mix featuring cuts from those releases? Ultimate Space House Music V.2 is exactly why we look at Smoke as part of the future. Space-age footwork beats, featuring sounds and samples of his own creation and manipulation. Chock full of bubbly bounce and infectious riddims, this mix sounds like the cosmos, on dust.


1.Kush And Lean
2.Laser Bass 3000
4.Im So Scared
5.Space Traveler
6.Out Of Body Experience
7.Hold Me
8.Spaced Out Lyfe
9.Rock The House
10.Suspicious Planet
11.Out Of Body Experience (ft John Comma Smith)
12.Laser Cannon (Ft John Comma Smith)
13.Flashy Lights
14.Cartoon Carnival
15.Trippy Stars
16.Rock N Roll
17. Deadly Force