Cratesz is one of the most prolific producers that I've ever heard in my life.  His solo work is disgusting, but seriously overlooked.  His contributions as one half of New & Used probably flew past you as well.  That's the duo that co-produced Carnage's "Signal."  Cratesz has less than 6000 followers on SoundCloud, and New & Used have just over 1000.  This is other why websites are slipping, but I digress.

Fitting three genres into an undeniably danceable crossover tune is my new shit.  It's damn near impossible to pull off, and Cratesz does this for fun.  He flips between trap, hardstyle, and club in the span of 30 seconds.  This one is available for free download, and will absolutely destroy your speaker system.  You'll also want to grab every other tune that pops up when you reach his "like to download" link.  They're all insane.

Pay attention.  I'm keeping this kid close.