His Sweaters

Drake has become synonymous with sweaters. Drake has every type of sweater in every different type of fabric with every different type of style in every type of permutation: Cashmere, Cotton, Blended Fabric, Cotton, Camelhair, Super Geelong, Merino, Lambswool, Chinchilla. Cable-Knit, Cardigans, Aran, Argyle, Owl, V, Turtle, Mock, Crew... He doesn't just own sweaters.

He lives and breathes the sweater lifestyle. Drake owns a cache of exotic sweaters that the world may never see. They are simply too rare and majestic. Word around town is that he paid to have Mr. Rogers exhumed so that he could own the sweater he was buried in. Other Urban Sweater Legends contend that Drake bought five of B.I.G.'s old Coogi sweaters to have them unthreaded and then resewn into a blanket that he sleeps under every night. It has never been washed.

Style is objective. It has no bearing on an artist's talent. Wearing a band-aid under one eye for no reason whatsoever didn't invalidate Nelly as the best rapper of all time in 2001. A$AP Rocky fashioning a Slip N' Slide into a halter top doesn't make "Brand New Guy" any less amazing. Andre 3000 dressing like a Fashion Institute of Technology version of Sabu doesn't devalue his discography. Who are you really mad at? Drake's sweaters? Or yourself?