He's Soft

If you're mad at Drake for being king right now and talking about his feelings then blame 50 Cent and gangster rap of the early 2000's. Each generation's identity forms from rejecting the ideas of the one before it. Drake flourished because of how culture shifted (whether you like it or not). Sure, he's "soft." There are an infinite number of pictures that validate he isn't the most masculine dude in the world. There are plenty of Drake parody accounts. There are even people who have legitimately established careers by making fun of him *cough*Big Ghost*cough*.

Nahmean b Aubz aka Young Angel Wings bka Mr. Bath and Body Twerks fka Lil Kitten Belly be talking about his feelings son... nah... he be gettin extra dewy in his verses rappin about infinity pools and subtweets and wantin to be married and exotic strudels and the current figure skatin fashion trends and infatuation... I can't fuck wit that shit b... I don't even tell my mother I love her nahmean like I just shotput RVs at her...but I ain't ever gonna tell nobody I love em b... I'd rather die alone inside my tastefully appointed Cocaine Condo rental than be vulnerable...namsayin like thats gay... emotions are gay b... whenever I have an emotion I self-flagellate nahmean. I cannonball into a volcano... I self mutilate. You's a homosex if you ever had an emotion b... I don't even go to church son... "devotional" sounds too much like "emotional" nahmean like I don't even visit large expanses of sea because "ocean" is in "emotion." I don't get down with that b. I hate witches off GP because they be carryin potions and that's only three letters away from lotions. Fuck feelings.

One could argue (and we are) that being openly vulnerable to millions of people takes more strength than a Zeus slap. The guru pyramid Regisl may have said it best: