Yesterday, Usher's son was sent to the ICU at an Atlanta hospital following a swimming pool accident at their home.

According to TMZ, 5-year-old Usher Raymond V swam to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a toy, and his arm got caught in the drain. After his aunt and a maid unsuccessfully attempted to pull him out, two men that were working in the house dove in the pool to rescue Usher V. CPR was immediately given. Usher arrived at his home moments after, and drove in the ambulance with his son to the hospital. Doctors say he will be fine.

Last year, Usher lost his stepson Kyle Glover after the 11-year-old was struck by a jet ski on July 8, 2012. Kyle was declared brain dead following the accident, and was taken off life support a few weeks after when it was determined his injuries were too severe to recover.

[via TMZ]

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