So you’ve purchased your head-to-toe athletic gear and posed for the pre-workout Instagram photo, now it's time to get down to business...the actual running. You’ll be trekking through the treacherous terrain of your neighborhood or just hitting the treadmill at your local gym and you need enough tunes to last the entire run.

What are the best songs to run to? For our money, it's the songs that get you pumped up, the songs that make your heart rate pick up. You want to really lock in with the songs too, if you can move at the same pace as the tune your playing, your body enters that automatic state where it feels like your body is running itself and you can go forever (wait, does that only happen to us?). So a playlist for your sprints is crucial. 

From the smooth warm up to the full sprint, let us be your trainer. Lace up your fancy flexible sneakers and get ready for the most epic run of your life. Yeah, you totally look like Usain Bolt when you pump your arms like that. Don’t forget to snap the obligatory sweat-dripping-through-your-shirt-post-workout pic. Here are 50 Songs To Run To.

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