Year: 1997

Cause: Some classic musician craziness was behind the demise of one the '90s best rap groups. According to Wyclef, him and Lauryn Hill started dating in the early Fugee years, and kept that relationship going through Wyclef's mariage. Hill became pregnant, and falsely tried to convince Wyclef that the baby was his

After that fiasco, the group began to fall apart. We guess Lauryn Hill never got the lesson about not mixing business with pleasure (or the lesson about lying to someone about having their child).

Currently: The group had a brief reuinion, featuring a 2004 performance at Dave Chappelle's Block Party and a 2005 European tour. But they have since gone their separate ways. The fact that Lauryn is currently behind bars and the choice words Pras has had for Ms. Hill make a Fugee reuinion seem incredibly unlikely.