Year: 1989

Cause: The Fat Boys were one of the the first commercially popular rap groups, but the hype died down after less gimmicky crews rose to hip-hop fame in the '80s. After releasing their sixth album, On and On in 1989, the Fat Boys ended their partnership with their manager Charlie Stettler and went their separate ways. 

Currently: Big Buff Love passed in 1995 due to a heart attack, Prince Markie Dee pursued a succesful solo producing career, and Rock has kept a low profile since the split. The trio's debut album, Fat Boys, was reissued in 2012 and the remaining members are reportedly searching for a new member through a reality show which will result in an album. Still, for a lot of younger rap fans, they basically know their name from the time Jay Z referenced them on "Heart of The City" saying, "First the Fat Boys break up."