Year: 2007

Cause: Unfortunately for Dipset, one of the keys to their success also lead to their downfall. A large part of the groups appeal was the larger than life personalities of Cam'ron and Jim Jones. But when those personalities clashed, the group began to crumble. The Cam and Jimmy split forced the rest of the crew to take sides (Jimmy and Juelz famously shared the stage with 50 Cent at the height of his beef with Cam), which only added to the problems. Ultimately, everyone's favorite Harlemites said they were dunzo. 

Currently: 2010's "Salute" and talks of a Diplomatic Immunity 3 simultaneously whipped everybody into a frenzy and showed that Dipset was back on good terms. Three years have brought more collaborations and a bunch of reunion shows, but it'd be suprising to see Diplomatic Immunity 3 anytime soon.