Year: 1991

Cause: In the wake of their classic debut Straight Outta Compton, money was the issue for N.W.A In 1989, Ice Cube left the group because he felt he was being cheated out of money by Eazy-E and the group's manager Jerry Heller. In the wake of Cube's departure, shots were lobbed between the Cube and his former group. But after their second album, Niggaz4Life, Dr. Dre also left the group over the allegedly continuing scheming of Eazy and Heller. Not suprisingly, the group fell apart and Dre started beefing on wax with Eazy too.

Currently: Unless Coors Light and Beats by Dre get start having corporate problems, this beef is long over. Unfortunately, that peace wasn't made before Eazy-E tragically passed of AIDS in 1995. Still, this beef lead to some of the best diss songs ever including "No Vaseline" and "Dre Day"