Year: 2012

Cause: More than a decade and a half removed from their classic album, The Infamous, Mobb Deep began to crack. The group who survived beef with everyone from 2Pac to Jay Z ultimately crumbled from within, which resulted in one of the wierdest hip-hop stories in recent memory. 

Havoc took to Twitter (cause that's what rappers do now) where he lashed out at his rap partner, accusing him of being a pussy and getting down with men during his incarceration. Havoc then lied about the tweets, saying they were sent by someone who stole his phone at a gas station. The whole thing was struggle incarnate. 

Currently: The group seems to have put their differences behind them. The two have done interviews together, performed together, and have stated that they are working on a new album, so we guess all is well in Queensbridge.