I don't get paid extra to document live shows.  It would be financially prudent of me to sit at home and write about music so I don't go broke, but the invitation to join some really cool events is extended, and tons of these would be ridiculous to miss.  It's also prudent to go to shows to keep my ears fresh and my finger on the pulse.Years of poor financial moves left my pockets on lean, though, and it made sense to offer up some advice so you can have some money left over after you spend an evening out.  

We aren't trying to see you go into debt over your dedication to live performances, and some of these solutions are so obvious that it's ridiculous.  It took me way too long to evaluate my movements and start to change a small handful of small decisions that would save me tons of money every time I go out.  We're all about advocating for the party scene and helping the next generation.  Let's see if we can help you save a couple bucks the next time you're getting ready to party.