Release Date: July 1
Label: Self-released

Who wants to put money down that, even after The Weeknd releases Kiss Land, Ty Dolla $ign's Beach House 2 will still be the rudest R&B album of the year? Fast-forward through the spoken word that introduces the record and you'll encounter the L.A. native singing: "You found that rubber in the trash can/I said, "When the fuck did you become the trash man?" Later, Ty sings about a woman moving her butt like she was trying to turn off the lights in a retirement home, and adds "I bet you can't do that with a dick in it."

These are the new heights of blush-inspiring R&B right here. It's hilarious, shocking, and sometimes sweet (see: "Float," the low-key best song on the tape that toys with a loaded stereotype), making for one of July's strongest releases. Though it suffers from typical mixtape problems—too many bad features, too many unnecessary remixes—Beach House 2 is too dirty to pass up. —Ross Scarano