Date: August 4
Location: Southampton, N.Y.

Kanye West isn't the only one with beef in the Hamptons. Bieber is under investigation for allegedly ordering his bodyguards to beat a dude up in a Southampton club. Apparently the whole thing started over a bow tie. Yes, a bow tie.

The story goes: A girl took a bow tie from the victim, Wayne Rennalls. Rennalls tried to get his bow tie back but Bieber's people "got in his face." Eventually, dude got his bow tie back. But it wasn't over. Things escalated outside as the Biebs started yelling, "Punk Bitch," and, after a rock was thrown his way, hopped out his sunroof and slid down the car "like he was in Die Hard."

Despite the action movie stunts, Bieber didn't actually pop off, he had his bodyguards do the dirty work.

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