Kanye West's Yeezus has been arguably the most polarizing album of the year thus far. While some have criticized Kanye for shifting his style so drastically away from his previous releases, others have welcomed in his new style. However, what do former collaborators of Kanye think of Kanye's new sound?

In an interview with Billboard, Bhasker was asked about the new album, and he admitted that it was "harder to listen to," but went on to say, "that's why you'll still be listening to it in 10 years, 20 years — not whatever else album came out today." He also added that the album's "fresh and awesome sound" was "innovative."

The rest of the interview focused on Bhasker's work with other artists such as Pink!, as well as his own solo work under the moniker Billy Kraven. Hopefully, this is a sign that Bhasker and Kanye will work together moving forward, as the results have been damn near classic.

[via Billboard]

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