Album: Blood In My Eye
Producer: Scott Storch
Ja Rule: "'Clap Back’ was just raw energy. I remember getting that beat from Scott Storch and I was like, ‘Man, this is hard. This is for the streets.’ And I just went in on it.


The feds were listening. I couldn't say too much, but I said enough.


"It was in the time when all that beef shit was going on and I just wanted to express myself on wax, but without saying too much because the feds were listening. I couldn’t say too much, but I said enough.

“It’s crazy because that period in my career was looked upon as a dark period. I was supposed to be on my downswing. But when I put that record on at shows, it’s insane. It’s one of my biggest reaction records. I think it hit people a little bit. A little more than what they wanted to let on at the time. It’s all good.”