Album: Pain Is Love
Producer: Irv Gotti

Ja Rule: “That was about me starting to see the world, starting to see things a little differently. After I made my first album, I was kind of feeling, ‘I don’t wanna make another album about my struggle because I’m not struggling anymore. I’m doing well for myself. I’m starting to see things. I’m living it up. I’m learning about life and the finer things.’ I wanted the record to reflect that, so I made ‘Livin’ It Up.’ It came out really good—Case came and blessed me on the record.


Stevie Wonder absolutely loved the record.


“Stevie Wonder absolutely loved the record. [Ed. note—‘Livin’ It Up’ samples Wonder’s 'Do I Do.’] And he owns the whole record so he really loved it. [Laughs.] Big up to Stevie, because he actually wanted me to come perform at his tribute that BET did for him [in 2002]. He said, ‘I can’t do ‘Livin’ It Up’ without Ja Rule.’ It was really cool to do that and be with Stevie. Stevie is a great guy. I really respect him. I was honored that he liked my music and liked what I did with the cover of his record.”