According to the reports from the Daily FreemanInsomniac Events is looking to bring their brand to the hallowed grounds of Woodstock, Winston Farm. “The location’s beautiful,” Lamb said, “and we think that it could be a really wonderful relationship.”

Insomniac's chief operating officer Simon Lamb recently proposed that Insomniac be allowed to plan and produce a three-day festival complete with camping, food, and beverages on site fit for up to 75,000 attendees of legal voting age.  Though Lamb admitted that specific details would be determined in planning stages, he did inform the Town Hall of Insomniac's history of success in festivals and their style.

“What makes our events special relative to other music festivals and other concerts, you know, (is) we create an environment that’s filled with installation art, fireworks, costumed performers,” Lamb continued, “it’s much more of a combination of a carnival, theater, music, art and special effects. We encourage the audience to participate in the event.”

UPDATE Is Pasquale Rotella hinting at this in his latest tweet? "Get ready happy adventures!! EDC NY, 2014 will take place on Memorial Day Weekend at a beautiful new location! 3 days of camping, fun and festiviteeez!! The owl is joining us and we're enhancing the production to a whole new level! EDC Vegas, we'll have a new Kinetic field stage setup for you headliners! Stay tuned for details!!"

It's interesting to think about what will happen to the EDC Chicago, which debuted this year during Memorial Day Weekend. If EDC New York (WOODSTOCK!) hits on Memorial Day Weekend, we wouldn't be surprised if Chicago's festivities get moved, because WTF THIS IS WOODSTOCK! - khal