Usually when it’s your birthday you get presents from your friends and family, anything from $10 Walmart gift cards to that brand spanking new Xbox, depending on much you’re loved.

Perhaps in the Netherlands, things are a little different but Dutch producer Hoodie said fuck the norm and decided to give us a present for our aural pleasures instead:

If you’ve been sleeping and haven’t heard the original, you can listen here:

It’s a moombahton banger off his Swekinations EP that I drop in my sets when I want to take shit up a notch. Well on this fine day that so happens to be his birthday, Hoodie dropped a few remixes from the likes of Morrison, Corrupted Data, Noisetwins, Danilo and a remix he did himself for FREE. The compilation includes trap, moombahton, twerk, and mambo-bass remixes that will get that booty popping.

Download for FREE here: