Missing hits: "Slow Jamz," "Heard 'Em Say," "Diamonds From Sierra Leone," "Flashing Lights," "Monster," "Otis," "Mercy," "Clique"
Missing guest spots: Estelle's "American Boy," Jeezy's "Put On," TI's "Swagga Like Us," Keri Hilson's "Knocks You Down," Jay Z's "Run This Town," Drake's "Forever," Kid Cudi's "Erase Me," Katy Perry's "ET," Big Sean's "Marvin & Chardonnay"
Total number of Top 40 hits as lead artist: 19

Kanye's greatest hits album might as well be a double disk because even the songs we cut are major hits. We can't even find a spot for "Flashing Lights" without overwhelming the list with Graduation cuts. But it was a huge hit! 

Looking at this list proves that Kanye has one of the best rap catalogs ever. Not just because of sheer volume either, but also diversity. Kanye has made all kinds of hits, from dance pop like "Stronger" to the conscious raps of "All Falls Down" to the "only Kanye can make this" bombast of "All of The Lights," his songs evolved with—and pushed forward—every era it was apart of.

The interesting part is that besides the radio unfriendly "Black Skinheads," (Yeezus needs to be represented just because) "Can't Tell Me Nothing" is the only song in the playlist that didn't break Top 40 (it landed at No. 41). But it's totally his best song!