Missing hits: N/A
Missing guest spots: N/A
Not on Spotify: "Touch It or Not," "Wet Wipes"
Total number of Top 40 hits as lead artist: 2 

When you focus on someone like Cam, you can see why a greatest hits compilation is necessary even when you don't have that many chart hits. Cam hit his number in 2002 with a pair of songs, "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma," which both went Top 5 on Billboard. Since then he hasn't made a smash hit but he kept making quality material like "Down and Out" and "Touch It or Not" (which sadly isn't on Spotify).

But none of that touches on his mixtape run as a member of Dipset. So his greatest hits are more like street anthems rather than Billboard bangers, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a great catalog.