Elonious is an incredible producer from Vancouver that has spent the past couple years releasing tunes of varying genre, ranging from dubstep to moombahton to electro. We've seen him on the .NET networks, Generation Bass, Tycho Records, and reposted all over the place. His sound is defined by his custom synths, and is much more heady than most bass music that we put our ears to.

The Change Change EP is an extension of his previous work, weaving palatable vibes with complex sound design. Each tune has elements from several genres, and forces us to think outside of the box. "Get Crazy" is sequenced like a house record, has layers of synths that are somehow both addicting and creepy, and electro synths that bounce as if they're supposed to land in a drum step record. And with the exception of "Funk YES!," the rest of this record seems to follow this model.

We always support artists that hands us tunes that are left of center, and appreciate the fact that they're attempting to break the mold. The standard is nothing short of boring, and it's uplifting to see great people making great tunes that stray away from trends. We can't thank him enough for handing us Change Change as a Do Androids Dance Exclusive!