Drake is less than a month away from releasing his much anticipated album Nothing Was The Same. With the project due out September 24, the Toronto rapper spoke with XXL's Thomas Golianopoulos about his relationship with producer and close friend 40, his past beef with Common, and if he plans on signing new artists to his OVO Sound record label in the near future.

Drake and 40, aka Noah Shebib, have a relationship that dates back to their early teens. They've since built an impressive catalog together, and Drake admits he wouldn't be where he is without the producer. "I always made it very clear, if you want me to come write or come work, I bring 40."

Drake also touched on his beef a few years back with Common, which he still believes was a way for the Chicago rapper to drum up promotion and press for his album The Dreamer/The Believer"When we finally connected in person it was like, 'Yeah, let’s just dead it.' Which made me kind of feel like it was an album week thing, which it was, by the way."

With his new label OVO Sound up and running, he was asked what his plans were in terms of expanding the roster. His response? Priceless. "I just sit at home every night and think about how I’m going to be the best rapper, so I don’t think I’m ready to sign another rapper yet," Drake declares. "At the end of the day, I would never ignore anyone with talent. I’m not selfish. I would love to see another rapper thrive." Read the rest of the interview here.

Drake's album Nothing Was The Same will be released September 24.

[via XXL]

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