Album: Livin' Proof
Label: Payday/FFRR/PolyGram Records

Gang Starr Foundation duo Group Home have never been considered the dopest lyricists. But, as Premo knows better than anyone, it's mostly the voice that gets you hype. With the maestro playing puppet master, the duo made full use of their distinctive tones and cadences on the lead single from their Livin' Proof album. When fans reference Premier's signature production sound, it can be traced back to mixtape mainstays like this. It's got all the ingredients: the boom bap drums, the spacey sounds, the chopped-up piano sample, and the vocal scratch hook. Sure, Lil' Dap and Melachi the Nutcracker weren't lyrical juggernauts, but with production as tight as this, it was impossible to fail. Daniel Isenberg