You want to know how highly we've been anticipating new material from deadmau5? I'm sitting here giddy of him remixing two tracks that he's only uploaded to his SoundCloud. It was only yesterday that we heard two versions of "Coelacanth," and today we have "My Pet Coelacanth," which finds two minutes chopped off, with the grand build-up thrown into the middle:

He's also gone ahead and touched up "Turbo CartPig Racer" into "Infra Super Turbo Pig Cart Racer." It still feels like the illest soundtrack to a huge, blocky racing sim. Can't get enough:

Say what you will about the mau5's antics, but he knows how to churn out some bangers. You also have to love how he's been giving us a peak into the different variations of these tracks. Who knows if these are even the final bits, but he's definitely honing these sounds into sharper, precise ideas. Solid work.