So, this is life? Last week, Frankie Knuckles got trolled when a website stole Wunderground's parody article about David Guetta playing a self-help CD to treat chorophobia (aka the irrational fear of dancing) and called Guetta "a pop star of the Milli Vanilli variety." Guetta took to Twitter, not to fire shots back at Frankie, but to talk about his haters having to do better. We figured that was everything, because really, a joke was made and Guetta got to speak.

Then we got sent this link from Wunderground, which includes a cease and desist letter that Guetta's people sent to Wunderground about the article:


Seriously? Was there ever any serious concern over David Guetta purposefully playing any kind of self-help CD accidentally? If you were duped into believing that story, we have a bridge in Brooklyn for a GREAT deal.

It's sad that, on the one hand, Guetta is tweeting about "haters, liars, and cheaters," letting the world know that he's still standing... then on the other hand asking a website to remove the article completely? This can't be life, can it? Massive respect to Wunderground for standing their ground (no pun intended) and not only keeping the article up, but properly explaining why. Check out the full details via their post.