The legendary Darryl "DMC" McDaniels joins Combat Jack and the crew for their latest podcast. The Queens hip-hop pioneer sits down to partake in a little freestyling and over an hour of priceless interview material. 

With co-host Dallas Penn out on a leave of absence, Comabt Jack handled the majority of the questions as they reminisced about the group's glory days. After asking if they were doing any drugs back then, Darryl admits to enjoying a select few on the low. "Yeah we was getting high as hell. I was a cocaine man, Run was a weed head, and Jay was weed and 40s," he reveals. "The coke in the '80s was the best coke ever!"

Other topics range from alcoholism, the day he realized he was a professional rapper, creating Jam Master Jay's name, the song that "Tricky "drew influence from, and RUN DMC's breakup.

He also talks about his lifelong love for comic books and how he's about to publish his own under his Darryl Makes Comics company. His current comic Kickstarter campaign is underway right now

[via The Combat Jack Show]

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