A little over a month after Brodinski released his "Purple Ride" mixtape, and just before his appearance at Electric Zoo in New York this weekend, he's released a teaser of Bromance #11 that will include "Gimme Back The Night" and a club version. Nevermind that Bromance Records already made the rest of 2013 worth living for with Illangelo's History of Man record that came out only nine days ago. Nevermind the gems we already got from Gesaffelstein producing Kanye's "Send It Up" and Brodinksi adding his special touch to Woodkid's "I Love You." Bromance keeps it moving, and they let us know that in early July, when they decided to partner with Skrillex's OWSLA to launch Bromance US.

"Nothing will be the same after tonight," the song repeats. If we get this song in CDQ soon, NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME (WORD TO DRAKE).

Bromance Tour Dates:

Sept 11 - Wanderlust - Paris
Sept 26 - Sound Nightclub - Los Angeles
Sept 27 - Voyeur - San Diego
Sept 28 - Beta - Denver