Noisey's Drew Millard wrote a good and funny post yesterday about Drake's new song. I agree with a lot of the things he said. Especially the part about hoping for a Opera Steve comeback. (See video above.) But the part at the end, when he's analyzing Big Sean's verse, and talking about how it makes him think Big Sean is like that lovable shithead he lived with in college who pretended to be a stud but really just masturbated a lot, and he says,

"Point being, the only part I believe about that line where he says his new girl is on Glee is that he one time he probably met a girl who was an extra on Glee, and then Big Sean went home and masturbated." 

Wait, Drew Millard! Big Sean is not lying! He totally is dating an actress who's on Glee. And not just an extra. It's Naya Rivera, one of the stars of the show. She told Complex's Tara Aquino about it herself, in our recent cover story.

There's a lesson to be learned here: Drew Millard's college roommate might not have been jerking off as often as Drew thought he was.