With all due respect to lyricism, it's no longer a real necessity in rap. Right now, the genre is dominated by personalities as much as it is by rhyme skills. As long as you can throw together a somewhat-coherent series of bars (or, in some cases, even if you can't!) charisma can take you a long way. Entertainment value is king. If you want proof, just look at Riff Raff. Like it or not, we're still talking about him: Is he for real? Is he a joke? Does it matter?

Since this is where we find ourselves, we had the thought: Well, maybe anybody really can do it. (Don't blame us, blame Diddy.) We thought of a list of favorite non-rapping people who might make good rappers. Politics, comedy, sports and pop culture—all these arenas are full of outrageous personalities. Who knows if they can spit bars? What's important is that they grab our attention. Check out who we have in mind with 25 People We Wish Were Rappers.

Written by Ian Servantes (@ian_servantes)

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